Faith-Based Principles to Increase Your Finances

Michael Mariner




Solomon was one of the wisest, richest, and most powerful men to ever live. When the Lord asked him what he wanted, Solomon, unlike most people, didn’t ask for money, fame, or power, but what he asked for was an understanding heart (wisdom). As long as he walked in it, he was prosperous. Author Michael Mariner talks about this kind of prosperity in his book, Faith-Based Principles to Increase Your Finances.

Some people might pick up this book looking for a get-rich-quick scheme or some type of moneymaking idea that will leave you eventually stressed out and broke. If you are this person, then this book is not the book for you. This book is full of information and wisdom that will help you maintain and grow your inheritance that God has given unto all of us. The inheritance that the author speaks of is not money, fame, and power, but it is life and life more abundantly.

Faith-Based Principles to Increase Your Finances is all about thinking outside of the box. This must read will help develop the inner you that makes you, you. It is the decisions that govern everyday life that sets apart the greats from the average, the successes from the failures, the do’s from the don’ts. This book will walk you through principles of life and wisdom that govern increase for everyday living for every area of your life.